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DHMO Indemnity PPO/IPA

Dental benefits are popular with employees, and a poor performer can make your entire benefit package look bad.

Consultants often use indicators to compare the value and performance of various administrators and their dental programs. Our simple plan analyzers enable you to measure your dental plan against some of these indicators.

The plan analyzers allow you to rate how important each category is to you, and then automatically calculate the score. Generally, a score below 75% for any category or in aggregate indicates an opportunity for improvement.


  1. Point and click on your plan type (see buttons above).
  2. There are three general categories and you can vary their weights depending on how important each is to you. The total of the weights must equal 100%.
  3. Answer each question by placing a check to indicate a positive response. Negative responses are left blank.
  4. Do not check a partially correct answer.
  5. The plan analyzer will automatically score your plan, taking into account how important each category is to you.

Helpful hints:

  • You may find it helpful to print out the analyzer as a guide to obtaining needed information.
  • Some information will come from your vendor. However to assure an objective response, we don't recommend allowing the vendor to fill out the analyzer for you.
  • After completing the questionnaire, press "print" to retain a permanent copy.
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