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Selecting and Hiring a Dental Administrator

We have extensive experience in the marketplace and have a comprehensive database on dental vendors. As active contributors to meetings and periodicals that are respected by executives at dental companies, we maintain ongoing communications with many of them.

Situation report: Limiting the number of bidders without sacrificing choice

The Situation: An employer wanted to limit the number of bidders without losing the ability to select the dental vendor that best met their needs.

The Challenge: To select only those vendors that were likely to satisfy the client's needs.

Actions Taken: After meeting with the client, we provided a list of vendors that:

  • Maintained large networks where employees were concentrated
  • Had efficient, highly automated claims processing capabilities
  • Invested significant resources in staffing, training and equipping consumer service departments
  • Were known by us to aggressively price their service proposals

The Results: We reduced our client's costs by evaluating fewer vendors, all of whom were capable of administering the dental program. We were able to differentiate the companies on access to providers for more remote groups of employees, and on the vendor's willingness to most closely meet our client's needs in the negotiation phase.

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